Monthly Message June 2015

The end of the school year is approaching, and it’s time to reflect on Shorewood PTSA’s accomplishments for the year.

The focus of our work is on academic enrichment, and this year we provided:

  • Classroom grants (EQC): we were able to provide over $11,000 to cover academic items for our classrooms that otherwise would not be available.

  • After Shorewood: we educated parents on post high school options for students, giving them the skills they need to help their student with post high school plans.

  • Summer School: we provided a scholarship fund for summer school students.

  • Homework Club: we contributed to the funding for Homework club, assisting struggling students by requiring after school homework time staffed by teachers.

  • Shorewood High School at Risk: Funded by both the PTSA and Boosters, this program provided scholarships for basic needs items such as course fees and ASB cards for students who could not otherwise afford them.

  • AP Prep: we provided funding for AP teachers to conduct preparation sessions prior to the AP exams in the spring.

  • SAT Prep: we continued to build this program with the goal of providing affordable SAT Prep classes, with scholarships available for those who need financial help to attend.

  • Hunger Intervention and Basic Need Support: we provided food, school supplies, and found community resources to support basic needs at Shorewood.

  • Parent Education: we sponsored The Big Launch with Dr. Laura Kastner to inform parents on how to help their students be successful in the post-high school years.

We have tried to be better communicators by keeping our members up-to-date on PTSA sponsored events, and by creating a membership and staff survey to help us better meet the needs of both. While not every issue that came out of the survey has been addressed, we have steadily been working on them.

Yes! This is a big list and we couldn’t have done it without our faithful PTSA volunteers! A huge THANK YOU to:

  • Elected officers: Lisa Surowiec, Rene Streeter-Dybdahl, and Sallie Lumley

  • Board Directors: Amy Stensrud, Marianne Stephens, Kerry Petit, Suzanne Gugger, Amy Grady, and Wendy Zieve

  • Chairs: Markie Henry, Charlene Farkas, Rachel Snyder, Mandi Counter, Hang Yee Chin, Kathy Henderson, Karen Berquist, Donna Andrews, Michelle Hickman, Chris Stuvek, Julie Gaevert, Sue Hopen, Tina Lapham, Kris Shelley, Kathy Tinoco, and Lori Ramsay.

Last but not least, welcome our elected officers for next year:

President: Brian Heagler

Vice Presidents: Lisa Surowiec and Patty Sanders

Treasurer: Craig Yamane

Secretary: Reiko Shigemoto

Wishing you all a happy summer break!

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