PTSA Sexual Violence and Harassment Prevention and Survivor Supports


In February 2021, several Shorewood High School students gathered to protest sexual assault among high school students.  Our PTSA has met with some of these students several times to discuss possible actions in regards to this issue.  We recognize that sexual assault has always been a problem at high schools and we are looking for ways to create a culture that does not tolerate any form of harassment at our school; a culture that is safe for all. We are guided by the WA state PTA resolution 2.21 Sexual Violence and Harassment Prevention and Survivor Supports.


Here are the steps we have taken or will be taking:


  • Family education.  We have looked into collaborating with New Beginnings, a local non-profit organization with a mission of empowering survivors and mobilizing  community awareness and action to end domestic violence.  New Beginnings already teaches a section of the 9th grade Health class at both high schools and has worked with the school district for many years on teen dating and violence.  We are hoping to organize a family education night with New Beginnings and in collaboration with Shorewood students in Fall 2021.

  • Student education.  We are exploring the idea of having more teen dating education than just the one included in the 9th grade Health class curriculum.  Students are in very different places in 9th grade versus 11th grade.

  • Staff training.  Currently staff training includes a once a year video going over sexual misconduct.  We would like to expand that awareness.

  • District policies. We have met with the District’s Title IX Officer, Darlene Mendoza, to learn about the District’s policies and procedures and to explore how the PTSA can support creating and maintaining a safe environment for all students. A small work group of parents, students and a subject matter expert are currently analyzing district policies on Sexual Harassment and Title IX among teachers and students, and students and students.

  • Expanding support for student victims.  We are exploring how we can best encourage students to come forward to report sexual assault, and then help them once they have.

  • Structure for ongoing work. This workgroup of students and parents is currently exploring the best structure to move forward to keep this work at the forefront.


Contact: If you have any questions about the PTSA workgroup or would like to get involved, please contact