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Shorewood PTSA will be hosting and/or supporting many events and activities on campus this school year. Check the complete calendar here



The Daily Bulletin includes current schedule and activity announcements. 

School Daily Bulletin

ASB Morning Announcements

ACT and SAT testing dates -  Not always offered at Shorewood, but links provided here 

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Shorewood Boosters and PTSA are working together to create a combined monthly newsletter to keep students and families informed of school activities. We will include information about school events , athletics, clubs, Homecoming, Graduation, education news, and many other events that occur regularly throughout the year.


PTSA sadly says goodbye to our wonderful newsletter. However there is so much wonderful information in our archives that we will keep this page active.  If you are looking for information on Homecoming, Graduation or the many other events that occur regularly throughout the year, you can find great guides in one of our archives below.

2016-2017 School Year


2015-2016 School Year