Shorewood PTSA 6.12.105

February 2, 2022

Meeting summary 

The Shorewood HIgh School (SWHS) PTSA’s second general membership meeting of the year took place on February 2.  In addition to PTSA business, we heard school updates from ASB student representative, Cameron Bell, and Principal Bill Dunbar.  We also welcomed Dr. Susana Reyes, Shoreline schools’ superintendent, as our special guest.

PTSA Racial Equity Learning - Debbie Olhoeft

The SWHS PTSA board has committed to deepening our learning with racial equity so that we, as a body representing parents, can: 1) contribute to the District's and school's commitment with creating a culture of inclusion and belonging in a more informed, enlightened way; 2) be allies to our school's families of color; 3) create structures and a culture within the PTSA where folks can feel like they belong.   

In this month’s session (in recognition of National Black Lives Matter at School Week), we watched a two-minute video entitled “I Know My People Are Strong - Black Lives Matter at School” and took turns reading aloud the Black Lives Matter 13 Guiding Principles.  These were concepts such as restorative justice, empathy, loving engagement and diversity.  Afterwards, the group shared personal perspectives on:  

  • Ageism and learning

  • The changes among the roles of women and the structure of the nuclear family 

  • The dynamics of power and the effects of intersectionality upon the lives of BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ individuals


ASB report by Cameron Bell, ASB representative

January in review:

  • 1/14 MLK Jr. assembly/webinar is available on the school’s website

  • 1/15 – Hoopapalooza basketball event and food drive with Shorecrest

  • First semester ended on 1/27

Looking ahead:

  • Week of 2/7 - Black Lives Matter (BLM) at School curriculum on the 8th and daily recognition with songs and other celebratory excerpts during morning announcements

  • 2/7:  ASB elections info meeting 

  • Upcoming Valentine’s Day hearts project for entire school 

  • 3/2:  SAT exams for juniors

  • Junior class “Night In” fundraiser was postponed due to COVID; may be rescheduled after midwinter break

  • 5/17 and 5/19:  SBA testing for all of grade 10 and some grade 11 and 12 students

  • 5/21:  Senior fundraiser - Goodwill “Fill the Truck” event

  • 6/4:  Senior Prom from 8-11 p.m. (need funding for food and drinks)

  • No Senior Breakfast scheduled at this time

  • 6/12:  Class of 2022 graduation at Angel of the Winds Arena (formerly Everett Event Center) - 6 p.m. 


Principal’s Report - Bill Dunbar

  • BLM at School curriculum to be presented during Period 1 on 2/8, a time for teachers to deliver these lessons schoolwide. The teachers will guide the students through topics such as:

    • Creating a definition of injustice

    • Exploring the meaning of justice (needs-based and merit-based justice - pros and cons; understanding retributive and punitive models; restorative justice)

    • What restorative justice looks like at Shorewood

  • COVID update:  

    • January brought many disruptions at school, including a day of 34% absenteeism in mid-January and another single day’s report of 27 positive cases

    • Drama events on the 17th and 18th will take place with the support of antigen tests so that students may not need to wear masks (similarly to our sports players); field trips will occur as day trips; a number of students are still away from school, but it’s slowly coming back together

  • Early college acceptances are coming in - kids are getting excited!


2022 Replacement Levies’ Presentation:  Dr. Susana Reyes

We were pleased to welcome Dr. Reyes to our meeting!  She spoke about the replacement of the levies expiring at the end of 2022 and the special election on February 8:  

  • Proposition 1 - Replacement of Expiring Levy for Educational Programs and Operations (which accounts for about 20% of the district’s operating budget)

  • Proposition 2 - Replacement of Expiring Capital Levy for Technology Improvement and Support

The replacement levies will require a 50% + 1 simple majority approval to pass.


PTSA events:

  • Staff Appreciation lunch at Shorewood on 2/16

  • Funds are being collected for student store vouchers for school staff

If you’d like to support these efforts, please go to:


Other PTA business included:  election of nominating committee members, budget reallocations, and adoption of the levy resolution


Next meeting (tentative):  Board of Directors meeting on Saturday, March 5, 2022 at 10:00 a.m. via Zoom - all are welcome!  



Shorewood High School PTSA 6.12.105
January 5, 2021
Meeting summary

**Meeting notice: Our general membership meeting will be held on Wednesday, February 2, at 7 p.m. via Zoom. Special guest will be Dr. Susana Reyes, Shoreline schools’ superintendent at 8 p.m. who will speak about the upcoming replacement levies’ election. Zoom link:

Due to a training event hosted by the Shoreline PTA Council and the City of Shoreline that was also scheduled on January 5, the SWHS PTSA Board of Directors meeting was brief; however, our executive team provided updates in addition to those from Principal Bill Dunbar and ASB advisor Britt Harris.


ASB report – Britt Harris, ASB advisor

  • Many thanks to those who supported the Interact Club’s December coat drive for the WORKS!

  • The new Shorewood mascot, the Stormrays, was revealed during a winter assembly before the holiday break; video of the revealing is available on the school website; official branding, including labels and crests, will be copyrighted; will be using only those logos moving forward

  • The Junior Class “Night In” event has been postponed; new date to be announced

  • January 14 - MLK Jr. school assembly via webinar; will also be available for the public to view on the ASB Clubs and Activities webpage

  • January 15 – Hoop-a-palooza games at Shorecrest; SC will also be hosting an all-day food drive for nonperishable food items from 12 noon to 8 p.m.

  • May 21 - Goodwill fundraiser to be sponsored by the Senior Class

  • June 4 – Senior Prom at the Edmonds Waterfront Conference Center

Principal’s Report - Bill Dunbar

  • To the PTSA - thank you for the staff chili fest!

  • Sexual assault/harassment and racial equity updates:

o Currently speaking to the building team on sexual assault/harassment topics and updating instructional materials
o District administration addressing revisions of Title IX federal law
o Black Lives Matter at School - week of February 7-11

  • The building equity team is working on the district’s equity audit; addressing topics such as anti-bias in the area of grading pedagogy

  • COVID update:

o King County snapshot on 1/1/22: 766 cases per 100k vs. 206 cases per 100k on 12/1/21; cases are accelerating exponentially
o Attendance is lower this week; some medically-fragile students are refraining from attending in-person
o Schools will be receiving additional testing supplies and masks, per Governor Inslee’s press conference

o Extending credit to the kids and staff for keeping things calm and quiet this week

President’s Report – Shannon

The Dale Turner YMCA was the host and site for the December 18 Holiday Baskets/Toy Drive/Teen Gift Card drive.  Many thanks to all who made this event possible, an effort that supported 1,199 students. 512 families were served in-person that day.

Treasurer’s Report – Mea Fischelis

  • The PTSA raised $2,976 in combined PTSA and community donations for the calculator fundraiser (SW math department), in addition to $600 worth of donated calculators

  • The PTSA also donated $808 to purchase books for the SW library (per staff grant - AP World History Classes)

Shorewood High School PTSA 6.12.105

December 1, 2021

Meeting summary

The Shorewood High School (SWHS) Board of Directors held its monthly meeting on Wednesday, December 1.  In addition to community members, we welcomed Principal Bill Dunbar, ASB Advisor Britt Harris, and ASB student representative Cameron Bell.


PTSA Racial Equity Learning - Debbie Olhoeft and Marion Mohrlok

Continuing with our commitment to deepen racial equity learning, the PTSA board and attendees engaged in a second monthly session of reflection and discussion:  first viewing a two-minute video entitled “Are You Racist - ‘No’ isn’t a good enough answer” and then joining breakout rooms to further discuss reactions from the video.  Each person was asked to consider the following questions:

  • Did the video challenge your thinking in any ways?  How so?

  • What feelings did you experience?

  • How have we/can we as the PTSA members show up as Anti-Racist?

After the breakout rooms, the group reconvened to share any personal perspectives and to discuss the differences between being “non-racist” vs. “anti-racist.”  Additionally, Debbie summarized recent communications as PTSA anti-racist actions (by highlighting our solidarity positions with LGBTQIA+ and BIPOC community members) that had been sent to the following individuals: 

  • Dr. Susana Reyes and the Shoreline school board directors

  • Dan Dalziel (district athletic director) and JoAnn Fukuma (SW athletic director)

  • Rebekah Gardea of the district’s Equity and Family Engagement team

  • Our membership and greater community via social media


ASB report - Cameron Bell, ASB representative

Recap of November included:

  • The Apple Cup animal food drive (November 15 -19) attracted a greater number of cat food donations over the “dawgs”!  The Washington State University Cougars fight song was played during morning announcements on Thanksgiving week.

  • Veterans Day recognition included “thank-you” notes to senior veterans and a special display at the school in memory of our missing servicemembers

  • Staff received personalized “thank-you” notes from students via Google Form entries



  • Interact Club’s coat drive in support of the WORKS

  • Mascot update:  It’s now down to four possible mascot names!  A student poll will be conducted on Monday, December 6 (only students will be providing input).  The mascot committee will make the final executive decision; an announcement will be offered sometime in January.

  • Winter pep assembly:  Friday, December 17, during SAS; live trivia games to take place on all three building floors; SAS class winners will receive donuts

January and beyond:

  • Junior class “Night In” event on Saturday, January 8, from 7 - 10 p.m.; chaperones needed

  • Senior Prom on Saturday, June 4, from 8 - 11 p.m. at the Edmonds Conference Center (waterfront)


 Principal’s Report - Bill Dunbar

  • Staff and students enjoyed a much-needed break over Thanksgiving

  • Currently addressing challenges to keep the school fully staffed; a segment of students continue to experience adjustments with in-person school

  • Ryther’s roster for therapy and counseling support has filled up for the one-day-per- week allocated; anticipating two days of on-campus service asap; may see three to four days on campus if referrals continue and as funding and agreements are completed/resolved

  • COVID:  every positive student case is associated with two or three family cases; some families coming down all at once; students may be missing ten days of school or more; school administration is focusing on ways to support students’ academic transitions 

  • Performing arts events are on the December calendar!  Band, choir, and orchestra groups will perform in-person via staggered schedules during December 7, 8 and 15.

  • Winter sports:  players have an option now to compete unmasked, but some are choosing to still wear them; however, audience members will need to be masked; no concessions will be sold 


Other PTSA business:

  • Holiday Baskets update:  The Dale Turner YMCA will be the host and site for this season’s Holiday Baskets/Toy Drive/Teen Gift Card drive on Saturday, December 18

    • Gift card donations should be dropped off directly at the Dale Turner Y by December 16

    • Instead of a food drive, grocery store vouchers from the City of Shoreline will be offered to families

    • As of December 1st, 435 families have registered for this event

    • The deadline for registration is December 10 at:


  • The Superintendent’s Listening Session/Conversation with PTA leaders was hosted by the Shoreline PTA Council on November 30 via Zoom. The SW PTSA was well-represented with six board members in attendance.


  • Advocacy updates:

    • Sexual harassment & assault/Title IX discussions began among the PTSA, student leaders and school/district administration after a student protest took place at SW in February 2021.  Our work continues this year to not only advocate for the earlier concerns of student safety and transparency of complaint resolution, but also to understand how students’ interests are being upheld among district practices, such as in the hiring of new staff.

    • Later start times for high school are tentatively listed on the Shoreline School Board’s pending agenda items.  Our PTSA focus has stemmed from our June 21, 2021 letter to the school board when middle school and elementary bell times were altered for the 2021-22 academic year, but high schools’ bell times remained unchanged (in spite of the science and the American Academy of Pediatrics’ 2014 policy statement).  Community members had also raised their advocacy of high school start times during the November 8th listening session with Superintendent Reyes.  At this time, we are awaiting the district’s next steps. We have recently connected with the Shorecrest PTSA who is also in support of later start times.

  • Staff grants - Yearbooks ($1925)

    • To be further considered in January via a possible targeted fundraiser

Next meeting:  Board of Directors meeting on Wednesday, January 5, 2022 at 6:30 p.m. via Zoom - all are welcome!

Shorewood PTSA 6.12.105

November 6, 2021 

Meeting summary 


The Shorewood HIgh School (SWHS) Board of Directors held its first Saturday morning meeting on November 6, covering a range of topics and welcoming community members, including SW ASB student Cameron Bell and Principal Bill Dunbar. 

PTSA Racial Equity Learning - Debbie Olhoeft and Marion Mohrlok

The SWHS PTSA board has committed to deepening our learning with racial equity so that we, as a body representing parents, can: 1) contribute to the District's and school's commitment with creating a culture of inclusion and belonging in a more informed, enlightened way; 2) be allies to our school's families of color; 3) create structures and a culture within the PTSA where folks can feel like they belong. 


Before the group members began their work, we agreed to the following norms with respect to communication:  stay on race, speak your truth, experience discomfort, expect and accept non-closure.  The group also acknowledged the additional norm of casting no judgments upon members for having shared their personal opinions.  


We watched an 11-minute video entitled “Dear White Parents.” Afterwards, the group was divided into breakout rooms to further discuss reactions and takeaways from the video.  The video pointed out that “65% of White adults said their parents rarely or never spoke to them about racism.”  Racism tends to be a more consistent and vital topic among families of color due to disparate societal treatment and other challenges - it can mean a matter of “life or death.”  The group spoke about the importance of all parents and caregivers talking about racism (and what it means to be anti-racist) with their children – by asking questions about what they know and engaging with them regularly.  


ASB report - Cameron Bell, ASB representative  

Recap of October:

  • SBA makeup exams for juniors

  • Senior class event “Fill the (Goodwill) Truck” - next event in May

  • Mascot committee:  A team of 20 members was selected from more than 110 applications; regular meetings to occur during Tuesday lunch periods with a goal of securing a mascot decision by winter break

  • Senior class meeting: Jostens caps and gowns orders in progress

  • Healthy Youth Surveys completed by sophomores and seniors

  • Movies in the school gym during lunch every day; coloring contests for Halloween

  • Volleyball nets provided by a local organization (plus a regular focus to keep outdoor engagement going into spring)


What’s ahead in November and beyond:

  • Apple Cup “Dawgs and Cats” animal food drive (November 15-19)

  • Veterans Day recognition (including 60 minutes of active learning) – writing to senior citizens who are also veterans and watching reflection videos

  • Upcoming school play during week of November 8 highlighting a mix of songs from different shows (donations accepted with limited seating)

  • Thanksgiving project to recognize staff (SW leadership class to coordinate note-writing efforts to teachers)

  • Interact Club’s coat drive in December

  • January 8 – Junior class hosting a “night-in” fundraiser (movies, games, basketball/volleyball in the gym, cotton candy, etc.)


Principal’s Report - Bill Dunbar

  • End of first quarter on Friday 11/5

  • Acknowledged that both staff and students are working out re-entry/re-engagement issues

  • COVID case situation is good so far at SW; credits adults and kids in the community with “doing the right thing” 

  • Recognized a number of achievements by SW sports teams (swimming, tennis, cross country, soccer team, etc.)

  • Mascot selection update:  received over 153 submissions for mascot ideas; goal is to identify the top 5 or fewer to run an election; students will vote and the committee will make a recommendation to the district


Other PTSA business: 

  • The Shoreline PTA Council will no longer host the annual holiday food basket and teen gift card drive; however, a number of community partners are discussing a plan for the distribution of toys and gift cards; details will be forthcoming.

  • Monthly financials and an update on our insurance were provided.

  • “Pass the Hat” fundraiser status:  approximately $5000 raised to date which is lower progress than previous years at this time.

  • DEI/FACE (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion/Family and Community Engagement)  communications:  The board reviewed and approved four SWHS PTSA Board of Directors’ public statements of support and solidarity with respect to families of color and LGBTQIA+ community members.  These messages align with the focus of WSPTA and its affiliates. These will be sent to Superintendent Reyes and the Shoreline School Board; the district’s athletic director and Shorewood’s athletic director; the district’s Race and Equity team; and for general distribution on the SW PTSA website, Facebook and other social media channels.

  • Staff grants review – The board reviewed two staff grants:

    • $3000 for graphing calculators (estimated cost of $100 each):  The board agrees to match $100 for every used but functional calculator AND every $100 in cash donations that are received from the community up to a limit of $1,500.

  • PENDING: $800 AP World History books for the library (36 total books):  the board has additional questions regarding this grant


The SW PTSA is also funding additional staff grants that were not discussed during the meeting:

World Language:  $180 for apps to support instruction

Science:  $773 for calculators

Special Education:  $80 for items to help with communication


Many thanks to Principal Dunbar, Ms. Bell, and the community members who joined us on Saturday.   

Next meeting:  Board of Directors - Wednesday, December 1 at 7:00 p.m. via Zoom - ALL ARE WELCOME!



Highlights from the October 6 general membership meeting:

Updates from ASB student representative, Cameron Bell, and ASB advisor, Britt Harris

  • Homecoming - an estimated 800 students participated in the Homecoming assembly

  • Recognized SW PTSA and SW Boosters for their participation and support

  • October 11 Student Council meeting to include a visit from Superintendent Reyes

  • Standardized testing schoolwide (SBA and PSAT) on October 13

  • Apple Cup Dog vs. Cat (Dawg vs. Cougar) food drives to be held in November

Update from Principal Dunbar:

Retiring the Thunderbird:  The Washington Legislature passed HB 1356 in April 2021 which prohibits inappropriate use of Native American names, symbols, or images as public school mascots, logos, or team names. During its October 5 regular meeting, the Shoreline School Board voted to retire the Thunderbird as the Shorewood mascot. The district had also consulted with the Tulalip and Snoqualmie tribes.  A new mascot will be decided by December 31, 2021.  Because the district doesn’t yet maintain a policy for the selection of school mascots, a second reading of a new policy will be offered at the next school board meeting on October 19.  Principal Dunbar expects a committee composed of representative members of the community to consider at least two mascot nominees.  

COVID-19 and school safety update:  School lunches at SW have increased by 40% due to the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) free lunch program.  Students have been able to use the school building’s first floor during lunch periods (hallways, gym, bleachers, etc.).  Additionally, Principal Dunbar is the COVID coordinator for the school.  Parent Square communications and the district COVID dashboard were discussed.  Also, ten outdoor tents (10’ x 20’) will arrive on October 13; these will provide an additional 2000 square feet of space.  The school has been working with the fire department so that these tents can be secured and remain up overnight.  There will be no outdoor heating.


PTSA Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) focus:  

Our new DEI/FACE (Family and Community Engagement) co-chairs, Debbie Olhoeft and Marion Mohrlok, will guide the SW PTSA Board of Directors in its initiative to broaden diversity and inclusion in our PTSA membership, leadership and its activities. To set the foundation for this work, the board reviewed and discussed the National PTA’s Local Leader Guidance for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion on September 29.  The board is assessing its current progress in four areas (membership, programs, advocacy, governance/leadership) based upon a four-step scale that ranges from “beginning” to “advanced.” Its self-assessed report card is as follows:

Membership – the SW PTSA is at a “beginning” stage

  • Our PTSA membership is not representative of the school’s demographics (see below).

  • We have not determined the demographics of our membership but it probably doesn't match the student body

  • Actions:  Change weeknight meetings to Saturday mornings once per quarter; include student voices and participation; research adding a question about race to our membership form.

Programs – the SW PTSA is at an “emerging” stage

  • Budgets are a good way for PTAs to measure progress and to put its goals into action and ours has stayed the same for the last four years.  It should be evolving.

  • Created staff grants and student club grants focused on equity

  • Actions:  Learn what SW families and students need (review our fall survey results); continue staff grants towards equity and support of student clubs; continue partnership with multi-culturally owned local businesses

Advocacy – the SW PTSA is at an “emerging” stage

  • We are becoming less “color blind”

  • We believe that diverse representation is important; we desire to push past any discomfort to discuss issues of difference and diversity in policy and advocacy issues; we are centering equity in our goals this year

  • Donated funds to the Family Advocate last year to help relieve income inequality

  • Actions:  Continue support based upon identified community needs through our family advocates; increase training & build awareness across the board of directors and with our members throughout the year at monthly meetings and events; consider the impact on equity from any proposed policy changes such as later start times; reach out to community partners who are already doing the work successfully, such as Natural Leaders, and learn from them (ie. let’s not work in a silo)

Governance and Leadership - the SW PTSA is at an “emerging” stage

  • How do we avoid recycling the same people as PTA leaders?

  • Actions:  Focus on diversifying membership which may, in turn, diversify leadership; promote leadership opportunities in advance; learn of ways that we can make PTA roles easier (e.g. breaking down the scope of tasks - or eliminating tasks, if possible - of certain roles/positions)

Demographics of the SW student body

Principal Dunbar shared the following:

  • Female 48%

  • Male 51%

  • American Indian/Alaskan Native .4% (less than 10 students)

  • Asian 15.5%

  • Black/African-American 7.8%

  • Hispanic/Latino 14%

  • Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander .9%

  • Two or More Races 10.4%

  • White 48%


Do you have a certain skill or interest that you’d like to share with your friendly SW PTSA??  Want to connect with other folks in the SW community but not sure how? Challenged with time and energy but still want to help in some way? 

We have opportunities for YOU to make a difference and to become a part of our team!  

  • PTSA newsletter editor:  This is a great fit for someone who likes to work with written content and information.  We will help with providing the content.

  • Staff appreciation team:  Kaija Dalan is our energetic staff appreciation chair this year but she can use extra support!  A fun opportunity for those who like to organize events so that we recognize our dedicated SW staff throughout the school year.

  • Parent education:  For those folks who like to plan and organize events or are into logistical things.  We need help with bringing informative speaker programs to our community.

  • Nominating committee:  Three openings for our nominating committee to assist with identifying candidates for the 2022-23 executive positions - you won’t be working alone with this one! This opportunity aligns directly with our diversity and inclusion goals.  Become a part of this important work!

Want to learn more?  Contact Shannon McMaster, PTSA President, at: