The Shorewood High School PTSA vision statement:


We commit to supporting students in preparing for life after high school as caring, capable, and joyful young adults. We do this in partnership with the school and community organizations by co-creating relevant education, an appreciation of difference, and a safe learning environment for every student.

Shared Beliefs

Communication, dealing with conflict

  • We support a school environment that models and teaches constructive communication and problem solving especially in regards to conflict, differences of opinion, and highly emotional situations.  This includes teaching empathy, compassion, understanding, and kindness as well as standing one’s ground.

Different needs require different instruction

  • We support education that is tailored to each child.  This includes every child being challenged and educated at the level they are at regardless of chronological age or ability.

  • We support educational structures that encourage and support students from every background, income level, home situation, language learning, gender expression, and ability to flourish to their full potential.  This includes recognizing societal structures that reinforce racism, sexism, classism, homophobia, transphobia, fat phobia, white supremacy and more and challenging these biases, preconceptions and manifestations directly.

Exploring during high school

  • We support students having a wide selection of classes and experiences during high school that allow them to explore their interests and help determine who they want to be next.

Feeling safe and cared about

  • We support students feeling safe while at school and during extra curricular school activities.  This includes students knowing they are cared about by the school staff, community organizations (like ourselves), and the Shoreline district school system (through policy, action, and interaction)

Fun and friends, strong communities

  • We support family, staff and student engagement in the high school experience, including learning and activities that are fun and build strong, healthy communities of friends.

Life after high school

  • We support students preparing for college, the trades and other work/life experiences after high school that encourage them to be independent, engaged, and responsible citizens

Ready for adult world

  • We support education that informs students of the most difficult and challenging parts of our society so they will be equipped and ready to flourish in the adult world.


The Shorewood PTSA supports the Shoreline Public School’s Instructional Strategic Plan and the Race and Equity Decision Making Tool