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Debbie Olhoeft

Grants/EQC Director


EQC is a committee within the Shorewood PTSA, a not-for-profit 501 C3 organization.  The EQC raises money separately from PTSA to provide grants to Shorewood High School teachers for the purchase of teaching aids, books, equipment, and other resources that are not funded due to federal, state, and local budget shortfalls.  EQC-funded resources directly enrich the classrooms of Shorewood, and therefore the learning experience of our students.  EQC has been raising money to support academic enrichment at Shorewood High School for 19 years. 
Since 1995, EQC has provided a total of $338,715 for classroom enrichment!  During the 2014--2015 school year, EQC provided over $18,000.00 in grants to 11 Shorewood departments.
Some of the many items that EQC has funded for your Shorewood Student:


  •         CO2 and O2 probes for Science

  •         Multiple class sets of required reading books for English

  •         Classroom performance assessment systems for Math and Science

  •         Class sets of Atlases, DVD’s, CD’s, teaching posters and materials for Social Studies

  •         Enriching programs and experiences for World Languages

  •         Experiential outings and teaching materials for Directed Studies

  •         “Writers in the School” program for the English Department

EQC raises funds through 2 annual fund raisers, a poinsettia and wreath sale, order forms sent home in October, Ladies only event, and an annual event you won't want to miss. Information posted early spring.

All Shorewood PTSA Programs are supported solely through member donations.


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